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Polden Hills Veterinary Centre Vet Reviews
A Site Layout Plan which provides a bird’s eye view of the Practice once complete.
Cats are a popular pet with more than 8 million cats in the UK. We are a cat friendly veterinary practice with the most comfortable cat recovery area possible. We’re happy to share some tips to help you take the best care of your cats.
We are so grateful to all our clients for the many beautiful thank you cards – this means so much to us. Thank you also to everyone for your reviews and comments! We are fortunate to have such lovely clients.
With signs of spring starting to show and you might feel the urge to get outside and begin cleaning up your garden. Please remember that many little creatures, like birds, hedgehogs, insects, frogs, and so many more, will have taken winter refuge in your garden and disturbing them could be harmful.
Wishing all our patients and their families a wonderful holiday season!
Newsletter: Winter 2017
Winter is here and your pets will feel the cold too. In this issue read about:
  • Worming worries - is your pet affected?
  • Fattening up for the winter!
  • Winter brings aches and pains.
  • How healthy are your dogs eyes?
  • Bunny upsets
Newsletter: Summer 2017
At last, summer is here! However, the warmer weather is not only enjoyed by us and our pets, it is also the time when parasites that cause skin irritations flourish as well! Read more...
Good dental health is important to your pets overall health and comfort. Poor teeth and gums can have a serious impact on the overall health of the pet. This is not always fully understood by pet owners. We have a special interest in dental care and will provide you with an honest assessment of your pet’s dental condition. Make your appointment with us to discuss your pet’s dental health. Read more...
Hiding Signs of Pain and Illness
Pets are very good at hiding signs of pain and illness. It can be difficult for you to know that something may be wrong with your pet as it is not always immediately obvious. If you have any doubt or questions about your pet’s condition we are just a call away and always here to help! Read more...
Compassionate pet care at your very special veterinary centre!
Welcome to Polden Hills Veterinary Centre, a family owned independent small animal veterinary clinic. We go above and beyond to provide:
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